The Art of Travel

Elite Travel&Guide organizes exclusive holiday programs for groups and individuals to every corner of Germany. Initially it started with basic trips but we keep on adapting our program according to the individual wishes of our guests.

We stand for luxury journeys in small groups and are suitable for those who want to save energy for more important matters. Our wish is to deliver pleasurable eating experiences, spectacular discoveries and personal time.   

In experienced company, guests will discover outstanding natural and cultural scenery paired with insider knowledge. We operate our tours in a relaxed pace and we will entirely cater to your needs.

Our service includes private transfers, paths that are far from those normally travelled by tourists, exclusive openings, assorted hotels and a selection of tasteful restaurants.

With the use of our unique travel content and program we are here to help you design your individual, customized journey.

We are looking forward to travelling with you.

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The Art of travel


  • Vielen Dank für das tolle Erlebnis. Alleine hätte ich diese vielen schönen Orte nie gefunden und wir waren froh, eine ortskundigen Begleiter an unserer Seite gehabt zu haben. Wir melden uns bald wieder!

    Markus Bensen

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The best of Franconia

The best of Franconia in 3 Days – Franconia connects people and culture  


Munich means Lifestyle on another level Munich is Bavaria’s Capital and with a population of more than 1.5 Million is Germanys third biggest city. The city was built in the 12th Century by “Heinrich dem Löwen” and hence contains several picturesque sights.

Rhine and Moselle Valley

Rhine and Moselle Valley – Combine the leisure of your trip with the discovery of this region  

Diamond Class

Diamond Class – Our Diamond Tour is luxurious, private and your personal pamper package. We can take you on spectacular city trips, train journeys and boat cruises.

Chauffeur & Guide

Chauffeur & Guide. You personal guide will be your chauffeur and guide at the same time


The legendary skyline of Dresden was heavily destroyed during the Second World War and has been neglected under the GDR regime.

Full Emotion Tour

A Tour full of emotions in 7 days – landscapes – silence – happiness

Castle Neuschwanstein

Neuschwanstein Castle was built in 1868 by King Ludwig II, 4 years after his coronation. It was not until Ludwig’s father passed that he had the money to pay for the construction.